“I can’t go without leaving some words of encouragement for you and the team. The support that you gave me was the start of a change which I can’t put a price on. It was far from an instant fix (as I’m still not fixed and never expect to be!) but, I am much better than I was and my relationship with my partner and children is much better as a result. Do remember that if a ‘client’ walks out your door with issues still unresolved that’s not a failure. For me, you were the first stop – not the last”.

“This has really changed my outlook to a positive future – I wish my counsellor had been available to me many years ago”.

“The support from Break the Silence staff, craft group and reiki have all been great. All the staff are very welcoming and caring. The service has been fantastic. It was Archway and the Police who found the service for me”.

“Working with Break the Silence has had a positive effect on my day-to-day experienced. I feel more sensitive to situations and I have felt happiness. I would encourage others to incorporate this into their lives and accept help from BtS”.

“Working with BtS has been an enlightening experience. Quite simply – thank you for giving me ‘the tools’ to use on the next phase of my healing”.

“I had not heard of Break the Silence. It was when I went to my G.P. for help to cope with my situation she gave me the phone number – from that first call I received support from the person on the other end of the phone. I cannot rate the service highly enough – even when I was struggling I could call and get support over the phone. The fact that I had the same counsellor for the whole duration was a big thing as I had built up trust in her”.

“The service was very suitable – always worked my sessions in with my other commitments. Staff were always helpful and it is a brilliant service to have available”.

“Contacted you through my doctor. I got great support – it really helped me to focus on things most important to me. As a family member, I received 4 sessions – I would have liked a little longer than 4 weeks”.

“There is not doubt that your service allows a safe place to talk over your experiences that the local authority social work or NHS would otherwise frighten or deter victims. I thought I would carry all this to my grave so your service has meant I could talk about it”.

“The service was good and has helped me a lot. The timescale was excellent and suited me rather well”.

“The service was very easy for me to access. The support was very good – I was very happy in my sessions and comfortable”.

“I feel more confident, I can go into a room and talk to anyone now. The support was very good”.

“The programme was very successful, it was long enough and has done me the world of good. I turned up for all of my appointments. The counsellor was good and understanding”.

“It has been a year, not too long or not too short. It has been good and helped my confidence and I have someone to talk to”.

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